February 11, 2020 - SatCesc

Premlix: Premier League will launch its OTT service

Could lead to substantial rises in revenue

The Premier League is studying the possibility of selling content from its competition abroad through a newly created OTT, following the Netflix model.

This has been revealed by Richard Masters, new chief executive of the Premier League.

The top football category of british football plans to launch its own digital service with live broadcasts of its matches and other content.

It will be when television rights are tendered for the 2019-22 seasons. The manager has stressed that “Premlix” (this name is shuffled) will allow the Premier League to charge directly for a channel instead of selling the rights to television companies.

The Premier League currently makes £3.1 billion a year from television rights, of which £1.4 billion comes from overseas markets.

However, launching its own streaming service in some territories could lead to substantial rises in revenue.

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