February 20, 2020 - SatCesc

The old Hispasat 1D satellite will be used by Intelsat

It will operate in the orbital position of 102º East


Intelsat will replace its 29e satellite, which lost in July 2019 as a result of a fuel leak caused by an electrostatic discharge. The IS-29e was launched in January 2016.

While it was operational, IS-29e offered services for the North American and South American areas in the 102º East orbital position.

The world’s leading satellite company plans to have the future Intelsat 40e provide the services offered by the IS-29e. However, it will focus on North America due to the increased demand and, in particular, of the airlines and their on-board entertainment and connectivity services.

The new Intelsat satellite will be the most powerful in the operator’s fleet. It is planned to be launched into space in 2022.

Meanwhile, Intelsat has leased the old Spanish satellite Hispasat 1D, now renamed Hispasat 143W-1. With 18 years old you can continue with the services of some of the Intelsat IS-29e clients in that same orbital position of 102º East.


Spanish version: El viejo satélite Hispasat 1D será utilizado por Intelsat