July 27, 2020 - SatCesc

BritBox announces its launch in 20 other countries

BBC Studios and ITV have revealed plans

The British content streamer initially launched in the US and Canada in 2017 before expanding to the UK last November.

The company had already announced plans for a 2020 Australian launch, but this expansion into further countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa marks the most significant sign of confidence in the platform.

However, BritBox did not say exactly which countries it would be entering.

The service recently reached the milestone of 1 million subscribers in the US and Canada, putting it on a par with AMC’s rival British content streamer Acorn TV.

ITV CEO Carolyn McCall, said: “This international expansion plan will firmly establish BritBox as a global premium brand in a rapidly growing sector. Offering subscribers the best and biggest collection of British content has enabled BritBox to rapidly grow in our existing countries and as streaming continues to expand worldwide this roll out will give our distinctive streaming business truly international scale.”

Spanish version: BritBox anuncia su lanzamiento en otros 20 países más

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