marzo 24, 2020 - SatCesc

Eutelsat 7A satellite stops at 59.7° East

It stops near Intelsat 33e, operating at 60º East

Eutelsat 7A satellite has been stationed in the 59.7º East orbital position after ceasing in February at 7º East, where it had been operating for the past 16 years.

The closure of its operation at 7º East coincided with the entry into service of the new Eutelsat 7C, which in recent weeks had taken over the telecommunications services that the former had been providing.

Eutelsat 7A was initially born as Eutelsat W3A was launched into space on March 16, 2004, equipped with 58 transponders.

Despite having officially ended its useful life, it was estimated at 15 years, now Eutelsats 7A is heading towards another position where it will be used by the satellite company until it runs out of fuel left in its tanks.

Near the new position of the Eutelsat 7A satellite, Intelsat 33e, from the American operator Intelsat, is operational at 60 ° East.

Spanish version: El satélite Eutelsat 7A se estaciona a 59,7° Este