marzo 16, 2020 - SatCesc

Google wants to launch its own Amazon Fire Stick

War between the two giants for commercial interests

Google has asked TV manufacturers to choose an operating system, since it will not consent to having models with Android TV and others with Fire TV.

This action is restricted by means of a contract that TV manufacturers have with Google, which stipulates that they cannot manufacture any TV that has a system other than Android TV.

With this request and after a period of relative peace, the war between the two giants returns for clear commercial and economic interests.

The lawsuit dates back to 2015 when Amazon decided not to advertise Google’s Chromecast device for sale.

The objective was clear. Amazon wanted to better position its Fire Stick leaving aside the Chromecast. From that moment on, the war between the two companies began over the years, until in 2019 it seemed that they had reached a truce.

Differences between both devices

The fundamental difference between a Chromecast and a Fire TV Stick is that for the Google model it is necessary for an external device to send you the signal (for example a mobile phone).

In this way it is not completely independent, which does happen with the Amazon gadget. Thanks to its remote control, the Fire Stick allows viewing and playback from the main streaming television services.

Copy Fire Stick

Aware of the success of the Amazon device, Google is already working on a new Chromecast, with many of the ideas of Fire TV Stick and that will install a specific version of Android TV. In this way, it will no longer depend on a second device, although it will not lose its ability to broadcast any content that we want from them.

As 9to5Google advances, this new Chromecast is already in development and it is a dongle device very similar to the current one except for an add-on that will allow complete autonomy. It will work thanks to a remote control command that will enable you to navigate through its menus to install, delete, edit or modify applications that can be stored on the HDMI key.

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