marzo 20, 2020 - SatCesc

Movistar opens channels to satellite customers

Fusion Base or Fusion Series, Movistar has also opened

Telefónica platform has not forgotten the long-standing clients of Movistar+ by satellite, who have become accustomed in recent times to suffering relief with respect to those of fiber optics and ADSL.

Following the criteria of other packages, such as the Fusion Base or Fusion Series, Movistar has also opened practically all television channels to subscribers of the «Family» option of the satellite.

But be careful because this opening is not carried out through reception by the Astra satellites (19.2º East) that are still closed for those who have the official decoder of the company.

In order to enjoy this option, you have to watch the channels through the «Devices», a compatible application from a Smart TV or through devices such as Android, Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc.

In this sense, you can access all the Cinema and Sports channels, which are open to customers who have the Movistar+ Family package by satellite.

In addition, Fusión Base and Fusión Series clients have more than 30 new television channels.

Spanish version: Movistar abre los canales a los clientes del satélite