marzo 20, 2020 - SatCesc

OctoStream breaks records with millions of users

Application to watch movies and series "free"

Despite the many offers and «gifts» that pay television and streaming services have been making to their clients in recent days, there are those who prefer other options.

The devastating consequences of Covid-19 have forced millions of citizens around the world to be confined to their homes as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus.

Consumers of cinema and series content can benefit from what the platforms are giving away temporarily, but not everyone sees it that way.

And it is that piracy even in difficult times is very prevalent. This is the case of the OctoStream application that is being overwhelmed by millions of followers trying to access its content for free.

The success of it is backed by being an alternative to other illegal applications such as Megadede or Appflix. It allows not only to see what the user wants but also to download it, as well as open and share in different players what you want to view.

Its compatibility with household devices such as Chromecast, makes it an option for many users.

Responsible for OctoStream have already been in charge of spreading that their application is only dedicated to reporting links to servers, outside the app itself.

War on piracy

In recent times we have seen how several portals and streaming services have been closed, in the style of OctoStream. They were services that despite not directly offering paid audiovisual content, have been considered by the justices as necessary tools to facilitate piracy for violating property rights.

OctoStream moves in the thread of illegality and proof of them is that the application is not available in official stores, such as the Google Play Store.

Spanish version: OctoStream desbordada por millones de seguidores