August 21, 2020 - SatCesc

Telefoot, the MEDIAPRO sports channel launches broadcasts in France

More than 200 staff already on board at the channel’s production center

Telefoot, the new French sports channel, kicks off broadcasts today, August 21st.

The MEDIAPRO Group will be leveraging cutting-edge technology and bringing its proven track record in French football channels to the new project. Mediapro Sport France will produce the Telefoot channel as well as a specific public viewing channel for bars and restaurants.

A programming schedule with the very best football

Telefoot is the new home for French football with eight of the best matches per match-day from the Ligue 1 Uber Eats and another eight from Ligue 2 BKT. The schedule includes the two derby games per season between PSG and Olympique Marseilles, the two Olympiques, Lyon and Marseilles games, the two clashes between Olympique Lyon and Saint Etienne and the two matches between PSG and Olympique Lyon each season. There will also be UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League action.

The latest production and broadcast technology

Telefoot, in its 2,500 square meter center in Paris, will be using two sets for program production, one with a live audience capability, video post-production and audio post-production rooms as well as a host of commentating booths. The channel will be using the latest Augmented Reality technology, holographs, latest-generation graphics technology and the most advanced player-tracking technology.

For the production of the TV signal for the matches, MEDIAPRO will also be using cutting-edge equipment. 10 OB vans, 2 of them equipped with latest-generation Ultra HD 4 K technology, will all be available as well as camera cranes, special sports coverage cameras, and Omni4sky aerial view cameras. The latest OB van built by MEDIAPRO will be used in the production of the French league games with an Ultra HD 4K HDR 40 latest generation camera capability. The live match graphics and the Telefoot in-house productions will all be using the very best production technology.

Telefoot will also feature a completely digitalized editing process, with live images from the matches from all the stadia as well as exclusive clips captured over the week with 30 back-pack cameras for live link-ups. Training, press conferences, and all the latest news from the clubs live. The coverage will see more than 100 reporting staff working on Telefoot program production, with comprehensive coverage for all the teams and their fans.

More than 500 staff will be working every weekend across the stadia helping to bring all the action to the viewers for their live match coverage as well as 200 staff at the Telefoot production center in Aubervilliers with the whole team leveraging the very best latest innovative technology to optimize the viewing experience.


Spanish version: El canal Telefoot de Mediapro comienza sus emisiones en Francia