February 19, 2020 - SatCesc

Telefónica will close the websites that offer pirate football

For the next three years


A court ruling has proved Telefónica right in a lawsuit filed against telecommunications operators and internet access providers for the identification and blocking of hacking websites.

The sentence includes as a novelty that the plaintiff may provide a list of new websites to block each week without even going through the court.

Specifically, the judicial verdict orders Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil and other operators to block access to pirated websites that provide URLs, domains, IP addresses within a maximum period of 72 hours, from the notification of the sentence.

The judicial resolution includes a list of 44 websites that are considered pirates, managed by about thirty commercial groups known in the internet galaxy.

In addition, the sentence requires Internet access providers to notify Telefónica of the effective execution of the block, with identification of all blocked web resources, with day, hour and minute in each case.

“This part of the measure will be limited in time, specifically, three seasons (2019-2022), notwithstanding its suspension suspension in the case of proving that the blocked web resource is disabled on the internet, by not providing illicit content, ”says the judgment of the commercial court, which publishes the Cinco Días.


Spanish version: Telefónica identificará a las webs que ofrecen fútbol pirata