February 24, 2020 - SatCesc

Disney+ has started Spain pre-orders

Disney + will also launch in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland


With a month to go before its Spain launch, Disney+ has begun promotional activity.

The streaming service is invited customers to pre-order at a cost of 59.99€ for 12 months. The offer runs until March 24, after which standard pricing of 5€ a month or 59.99€ a year applies.

Customers will be allowed to stream to four devices at any one time.

As well as the Spain, Disney+ will launch in UK, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland on March 24, 2020.

All information on how to subscribe is now available on disneyplus.com.


Spanish version: La suscripción a Disney+ ya está disponible y más barata